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Yes! Color Printing Improves The Quality Of Prints But Unexpectedly

Ever since technology has governed this world, we are showered with new aspects every day of our lives. As humans, we have adapted and live through aspirations. Then if we beings have changed, how can not printing change? This guide seeks to enlighten the unknown aspects of Color printing.

George Baxter invented color printing in 1835. He printed the colors(more than 20 ) on the wood.

Up to this day, printing color has lived, and it is updated every time a new printing technique enters into the industry. 

What is Color printing?

According to Wikipedia, Color printing or color printing is the reproduction of an image or text in pigment.

Color brings a considerable amount of benefits for businesses that look to raise brand awareness.

Whether they are posters, flyers, brochures, or any printed materials, they are more attractive if in color.

Over the past years, the record shows that the number of color printing is rapidly rising. Could you want to taste the effects of color printing?

Before you order color printed materials, check this out first;

Why do color printing? 

Color improves brand recognition. Color printed materials have a psychological impact on consumers. In other words, color printing improves message retention. People tend to read color-written text because they are attractive to their eyes.

Color increases payments. For example, water bills. If printed in red, which means outstanding balance, to the human brain. It triggers a sense of urgency, which makes almost 30% of people pay.

Color develops professionalism. The Black and white colors look dull and boring. Imagine a waiter handing you over a menu printed in black and white. I don’t know you, but for me, I lose appetite immediately because I couldn’t picture what kind of services they offer. It is the same for every business that is trying to connect to its clients. Using colors makes your company is professional in that they can present how they work.

Color prints improve readability. Research shows that more than 69 % of people read an article because it is printed in color. Who can miss a Coca-Cola advert? Because it is printed in red color almost everyone stops by to read the message. Bright colors increase the clarity and influence of your news.

Printing machines uses of 4 colors, which are known as CYMK colors that are;



– yellow, 

-and black.

However, color printing is gradually for impression. And that is what most businesses are chasing around.

If you are in search of a color printing, company then look no further. Color Printing is a printing company based in Johannesburg that prints calendars, diaries, and many more in quality color prints.


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