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Welcome to Printspot one of the best printing companies in Johannesburg. Our high quality monitoring quality checkers guarantees that you always get the best consistency quality. Same day delivery is not what you ask for but what you always get. Our high quality printing is our main marketing strategy keeping you glued to Printspot. Again Welcome.

1. How long will it take for you to complete my order?
Every job is different. Some jobs can be produced in minutes while some may take several
days to complete. Let us know when you need your job completed and we’ll let you know if it
can be done. We go to great lengths to meet even your most demanding timelines.

2. What is the best file format for submitting a document for printing?
The Portable Document Format (PDF) is generally the preferred file format for submitting a
document for printing as it works with virtually all professional printing and digital output
devices. By design, a PDF file incorporates the information needed to maintain document
consistency from system to system.

3. What is the difference between coated and uncoated paper stock?
Uncoated stock paper is comparatively porous and inexpensive, and is typically used for such
applications as newspaper print and basic black-and-white copying. Coated stock, by
contrast, is made of higher quality paper having a smooth glossy finish that works well for
reproducing sharp text and vivid colors. It tends to be more expensive, however.

4. What are Pantone colors?
Pantone colors refer to the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a color matching system used
by the printing industry whereby printing colors are identified by a unique name or number
(as opposed to just a visual reference). This helps make sure that colors turn out the same
from system to system, and print run to print run.

5. Is white considered a printing color?
No. White is not generally considered a printing color as typically the paper itself will be
white. If a colored paper (something other than white) is chosen, then white becomes a
printing color if any text or graphics require it.

6. What different types of materials can be used for labels?
Materials for labels and their application include:
Paper, Uncoated: Use where you need the label to be easily written on by hand or printed on
by machine.
Paper, High Gloss: Use when you need good printability. Keep in mind that it cannot be
written on easily by hand.
Vinyl: Use vinyl for outdoor environments, or if applying a label to a vinyl surface.

7. What are the types of bindings I can use for multi-page projects?
Some of the common methods of binding books and other multi-page documents include:
Perfect binding: Gluing the outside edges of the pages together to create a flat edge.
Saddle-stitch binding: Using staples along the folds of the pages to bind them together.
Spiral binding: Wires in a spiral form threaded through punched holes along the binding edge
of the papers. Allows the document to lay open flatly.
Plastic comb binding: Similar to spiral binding but using a tubular plastic piece with teeth
that fit through rectangular holes punched into the binding edge.
Three-ring binding: Holes are punched into the pages and fitted into a binder.
Case binding: Sewing the pages together and then attaching them to a hard cover.

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